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All of our plants have available PennDot certified sand and stone and are certified to PennDot  standards, thus ensuring quality concrete for all customers. The majority of our front and rear discharge trucks have drivers with PennDot experience and they will help, as needed, with the placement of concrete.

We offer assistance with initial consultation, mix design and delivery coordination (including pumping coordination if necessary), quality control testing for moisture, air and slump, and guarantee "10/10" (delivery between 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after agreed time.)

We also offer field testing on any pour 50 cubic yards plus, and our scales are independently tested twice a year, to ensure consistent yields on all mixes.

We provide loyalty / volume incentives on request, payment by credit card, early payment incentives, and industry standard payment terms.


Achieving and maintaining the highest quality control standards is our first priority. Our quality control personnel are certified ACI and Penn Dot Technicians.

Our products are testd daily and each load is tested to insure quality consistency.

Custom multidesigns to meet your specifications.

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  • Latex Modified Concrete
  • Volumetric Mixers


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